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The storage battery

Are you interested in self-consumption of your solar electricity? Good choice, which is totally in line with the trend: nearly 95% of new photovoltaic installations are intended for self-consumption. And for an investment in optimal conditions, if you opt for a photovoltaic battery?


Why is it so useful to store solar energy?

This is one of the questions we are often asked. Is a battery really necessary? The answer is yes ". And tomorrow, much more than today. But why?

The disadvantage of solar panels is that they produce their energy during the day. However, your electricity needs mainly occur in the evening. Even if the arrival of telework in our daily lives has somewhat changed the situation, we can easily say that we mainly use the network once the sun has gone down. At that time, your installation no longer produces energy and you must therefore call on the network.

Storing the energy produced then takes on its full meaning. Adding a battery to your photovoltaic installation therefore makes it possible to overcome this discrepancy and avoid paying network usage fees.

In summary, the combined solar panel + domestic battery system offers you the advantage of synchronizing your peak solar production and your consumption needs at peak times.

Self-consumption of energy and solar battery

Adding a battery allows you to significantly increase your self-consumption rate. We estimate the gain between 25% to 45% by installing such a storage solution. You also reduce your dependence on the distribution network and use more of your own energy.

How does a solar battery work?

When it is clear or sunny, les solar panels  produce electricity in the form of direct current (DC). When a battery is connected to your photovoltaic system, the excess current generated is directed to the battery which stores this energy. The direct current passes through the inverter which then converts it into alternating current (AC) for use in the house.

une battery solaire can be connected either to an independent inverter or to an inverter integrated directly into the battery. It is for this reason that the battery must always be installed before the inverter, since it only charges with direct current.

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