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Énergie solaire

Photovoltaic power plant, solar shade or agrivoltaic

The challenge of tomorrow to protect biodiversity

A photovoltaic power plant is a power station that generates electricity from solar energy. It consists of multiple photovoltaic (PV) modules that are connected together to form an array. A solar shade is a structure that provides shade while also generating electricity from solar energy. It can be used in parking lots, playgrounds, and other outdoor areas. 


Agrivoltaics is the practice of producing food in the shade of solar panels. It combines the generation of photovoltaic electricity with agricultural land use.

A solar carport is a structure for parking cars in the shade in a parking lot. We speak of photovoltaic shade when it is surmounted by un solar panel. These canopies allow cars to stay in the shade while producing green electricity.

Installing solar shades has benefits for businesses. Thanks to these parking shelters, they can enhance the parking space of their premises while minimizing their energy costs.

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