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Thermodynamic boiler

Thermodynamic water heaters produce hot water in an environmentally friendly way. Inexpensive, they are ideal as a replacement for an electric water heater or in new construction.

Renewable and cost effective solution

The thermodynamic boiler is an excellent renewable and profitable solution for heating domestic water while saving money. It allows you to increase your self-consumption by up to 15% with a photovoltaic installation.

It is the logical replacement for the electric water heater that we have known for many years.

Because the thermodynamic boiler consumes much less energy, it allows you a significant saving on your budget.

In combination with a photovoltaic system, your thermodynamic boiler offers you a large amount of free energy. Your water is heated with 100% renewable energy.

Compared to an electric boiler, the thermodynamic boiler is more profitable and therefore also more ecological. Indeed, the installation of a thermodynamic boiler can provide energy savings of up to 70% and pay for itself in 2 to 7 years thanks to this energy saving.

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