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Voiture électrique

Charging point

Why install an electrical terminal at home?

Economical and good for the environment, electric cars have been on the rise for several years.
These changes in household habits also have an impact on your accommodation. Since when you buy an EV it becomes important to install a charging station at home or at your workplace. To do this, you must choose the place where you want to install it: in your garage, outside, in front of your home... Having a charging station can prove to have many advantages.

In addition to saving time, installing an electric car charging station allows you to save money on your daily life.

Installing a home charging system becomesessestialwhen acquiring an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, in order to benefit from optimal autonomy.

Save time: By opting for a terminal, you can gain up to 220 km of autonomy for a 20-minute recharge

free your mind: Forget all the constraints related to the anticipation of recharging your vehicles or the need for availability of public terminals.

Robust devices

HomePerformance SA offers charging stations with charging power ranging from 2.2 kilowatts (for slow charging) to 22 kilowatts (for very fast charging). These devices are very robust in the face of shocks and bad weather. They are compatible with all electric vehicles available on the market and operate using intelligent software that allows you to precisely monitor and simplify the management of your energy consumption.

Bornes de recharge pour véhicules

What are our prices?

We guarantee competitive prices. Depending on the projects and their nature, the costs to be taken into account are sometimes very variable. To find out more, nothing replaces direct contact with one of our advisors! We encourage you to contact HomePerformance SA for further information or to establish a quote.

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