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Our history

HomePerformance was born from the need to have a professional local company to design and install photovoltaic energy systems.

randonnée Cliff
randonnée Cliff

Our vision

We are working to accelerate the energy transition in the territory of tomorrow.

We help you invest in your energy autonomy with complete peace of mindnity


Our mission

  • Combating the risks of fuel poverty in Switzerland.

  • A Design Office dedicated to your energy transition.

  • Gather as much financial support as possible for your project.

  • Protect the planet from CO2 emissions.

  • Value your home.

  • Allowing you to own your energy.

Know us

HomePerformance is a company offering all the solutions dedicated to photovoltaic solar installations in Switzerland.

More specifically, HomePerformance provides design, installation and technical support services to anyone wishing to accelerate their achievement of energy self-sufficiency.

HomePerformance is above all a fraternal story through a close-knit team passionate about their mission. The core of our team combines over 20 years of experience in renewable energy within the family fold at the forefront of a growing industry.

HomePerformance is committed to delivering complete solar solutions for the residential, commercial and agricultural markets. We only use the best technologies, which is crucial to ensure a superior return on your investment. Our personalized approach enhances the experience of our clients.

HomePerformance brings together the know-how of a committed and experienced installer associated with the development of new solutions for electric mobility.

Like its customers, HomePerformance is an environmentally conscious company and ensures that renewable energy is an eco-responsible decision. We are motivated by the desire to take concrete action to preserve the environment in order to ensure a future for our children and future generations.

panneaux solaires

6 good reasons to choose us!


At your service the experience of thousands of households equipped for more than 10 years


Reliability and transparency: our commitments for your peace of mind.

Customer relationship

Our versatile and dedicated team adapts to your needs.


We offer sustainable work.

Technician network

Approved technicians, at your service throughout the territory.

After sales service

Support throughout the life of your installation.

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